New website of the Italy cartridge club C.e.S.I.M


perhaps interesting for our Italian friends…

and now also a member of the ECRA…
C.e.S.I.M. = Collezionisti e Studiosi Italiani Munizioni


I think I will have to refresh my “Cartridge Italian” a bit before I attempt to join the Forum, but it looks very interesting.


Excellent, one more fortress in our organization!

I hope our Italian collegues will attend the central European shows in future.


Of course we all know I am stupid, but I couldn’t find out how to establish a “log in” account. Just briefly scanning the rules, which are legion, I saw something about a Euro 50.-- annual fee, which is out of the question for me - but don’t know if that applied to every user of this site, or was the fee the site pays to some other provider. My Italian needs refreshing also - haven’t had anyone much to talk to here in six or seven years now.

John M


you can still join the worldwar forum about cartridge collecting for free.

Yes, CESIM is not free and you must be a memebr to join the forum. Giovanni can give you allthe info needed since he is one of the CESIM chiefs


Pivi, in order to attract more members to the Italian club it might be a good idea to have the forum also for non members.

I joined the IAA only after I been to this forum for quite a while - should work with others as well I guess.

Just my opinion.