New Winchester 40 S&W Headstamp

I’ve been looking at Winchester 40 S&W headstamps for years. Yesterday I noted examples of a new one. Just WIN (over) 40 S&W instead of WINCHESTER spelled out or WIN NT. Weighs the same, looks the same as Winchester, and primed with Winchester primers.


It strikes me that the letter of “W I N” are spaced farther apart than normally seen with WIN
headstamps. As the Bowery Boys would say, perhaps that’s just an “optical conclusion.” :-)

I think these are on the new SXZ loads that come exclusivity through Bass Pro Shops. I have noticed just recently that they have changed over the packaging graphics on all three pistol calibers (as well as adding the .380 to this line) and both the .410 bore and 12ga boxes. The .410 box more prominently features a Taurus Judge image to imply use in a revolver.

I only have the .380 in the new style and it does have a “W I N 380” headstamp. My older-style boxed .45acp and 9mm boxes have the “WINCHESTER” headstamp. Ironically I have neither the old or new SXZ .40S&W loads in this caliber to check, but my guess is it says “W I N 40S&W” on the new style.

I don’t know if this is exclusive to the SXZ, or if all the Winchester headstamps for pistol calibers will change to this style.

Seems Winchester also changed the 38 Special headstamp recently, newest on left. Much bigger and wider letters, check out the C and H.