New Winchester Aus 22lr products, 42gr Powerpoint & Subsonic


For the rimfire collectors.
There are two new 22lr loads that just hit the shops recently here in Aus. They feature a new hollowpoint 42gr projectile named the 42MAX in high velocity and subsonic loads. The high velocity ‘Powerpoint’ projectile is copper plated while the subsonic seems to be unplated. A picture I have seen shows a very blunt projectile with large hollow point but I cannot find any official pictures of the projectile.
There are also a 5 round sample packs on offer so that means 4 new boxes for the collection. Plus mention of a ‘new style of packaging’ that will be rolled out to all winchester rimfire products (not sure if this is all Winchester Australia products or all Winchester worldwide products).,id,11303.aspx


Some pictures of the 5 round sample boxes.

The only difference in the printing on the back of the box is the product code in the lower right corner - W22SUB42 for the subsonics and PP22LRH24 for the Powerpoint load. Also at the lower left corner NEQ: .488 GRAMS for the subsonic load and NEQ: .79 GRAMS for the Powerpoint load.

The cartridges are held in a single row of five cut from a normal 22lr plastic tray. Note the blunter than normal point to the projectile. Powerpoints have copper coated projectiles.

Front and back of the feedback form inside each sample pack. Heading suits the Subsonic or Powerpoint load.