New Winchester factory error 270 h.s. on 30-06 brass


I’m not normally one to go through 2 brand new cases of Winchester 147gr 30-06 fmj ammo (2016 mfg), but I did recently open up a case and look in one box, where I noticed a single cartridge with a Winchester 270 headstamp. The finished cartridge was, in fact a 30-06 with correct O.A.L. & .30 caliber bullet, so it just had the wrong headstamp. I began looking through every box, and quite strangely, I found 10 cartridges across 20 new boxes. So basically 5rds per 200rd case was the average, and I never found more than one error rd per box.

The error rd was also always in the middle of the box. This led me to wonder if this was a known factory error which somebody at the factory tried to spread out & conceal in the boxes? The average shooter probably wouldn’t notice, and it seems perfectly fine 30-06 ammo anyway, and did weigh out exactly the same as the other 30-06 in the lot. The lot number was the same on all boxes - 18LB32. The 2 cases both came from MidwayUSA from a one-day sale they had last week where a case of 200rds was $129.99, which was the best price online for new brass cased ammo at the time. I also wonder if Midway knew, and if this lot was sort of a discounted lot from Winchester which allowed for Midway’s relatively very low price for this sku? Is this sort of error something that happens much, or is this really bizarre? I would think for Winchester it is at least out of character.



Nice error headstamps.

FWIW I doubt Winchester would knowingly market incorrect headstamped cartridges do to possible liability issues.



I would tend to agree, but I found it strange that all of the instances occurred as one per box only. And not to suggest that Winchester as an institution would put out incorrect product like this, but maybe a factory worker who fouled up?



Just wondering, does anyone know how the boxes are currently filled i.e. by machine or by hand?



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