New WMA headstamp on 9x19mm ammunition

I have encountered two headstamps on 9x19mm cases.

“W M A 12”

" (+) WMA 13"

I suspect this is the new military style headstamp used by Olin using the new Manufacturers Code (old Mil Std 1461 code) for Olin instead of the one they have been using on military ammunition which was WCC. I suspect WMA probably was requested by Olin because it is “Winchester Military Ammunition” or something similar.

Has anyone seen loaded ammunition with either of these headstamps on 9mm?

Is there any documentation that this is Olin production?

Are there any other headstamps using the WMA code?


My few W M A 1 2 's have Winchester primers.

Lew, these cases show up mixed with WCC headstamps in Winchester’s 9 mm NATO 124 gr. FMJ boxes with Q4318 code. Given that they are also making cases headstamped + WCC 13 there must be another reason for the use of this code.

If Olin was producing 9x19mm at two facilities, that could be the reason for the second code. The military requires a separate code for different facilities. This is why CCI used SEL but had to change to LEW when they moved production to Lewiston ID.


Lew - I am not familiar with any change of facilities at CCI. SEL stands for “Sprting Equipment Lewiston.” “LEW” Stands for “Lewiston ? ?” (I forget if all three letters stand for Lewiston or the 2nd and 3rd stand for something else in the name). At any rate, both are “Lewiston.”

John, I was told by our mutual friend that the new code was because they moved the manufacturer to a new facility. He was quite amused that it was my nickname that they used. Perhaps the new facility was across town. In any case, he is a guy who should know.


Lew - most certainly he would know. First I had heard about it. I heard the change was because of someone else being assigned the SEL code. That was evidently poor information.

I think you got your first “LEW” from me. At any rate, I remember he and I were both amused by it, especially in light of your suggestions to certain USAF employes at EAFB in Forida during the “R&D” era. :-)

I can confirm the information Fede provided. My two boxes have the lot number GG52 (25 July 2013).

According to my copy of the 1461 Handbook (as of 1999) the SEL code for Blount Inc. was associated with 2299 Snake River Avenue. There was also another code BMY for Blount at 150 Southport Avenue. Both in Lewistown.