New Yavex 9mm ammo / cases

I just noticed that Yavex (Yavascalar A.S. of Turkey) is now selling 9mm projectiles, cases, and loaded ammo in the U.S… I have only seen the loaded ammo at the Yavex website, and they are only showing 1000rd cases of 124gr FMJ at the moment. The box image they show says 115gr at the below link for the 124gr listing, and so I presume they will be offering that as well? Looks like another in the long line of imported 9mm FMJ shooting ammo coming in over the past year. The Google search results are very sparse as of yet (almost all results direct to the Yavex site) and it must have only just come available. offers the projectiles, but you would not find it with a Google search since they misspelled their listing as “Yavek”. I found a couple other random sellers who are offering the 9mm projectiles in 100 piece boxes as well.

The only place I can see any headstamp is on the Yavex site, YavexUSA, where they show empty brass listed. Looks like YVX 14 9MM

I better make a run to Walmart!

Matt, very interesting information, thanks a lot for sharing. During 2013 they used to market these cartridges under the “Yavex U.S.A.” brand name (Turkish owned), but it seems that they must have had some sort of a legal issue, because now the brand read “Yavex” only and is US owned. As you can see, their website address still correspond to “Yavex U.S.A.”. Also, there is another headstamp to be found in the early boxes that reads 9mm PARA Y.A.S..



It does seem like the sort of thing they would get into. We’ll see.

Got my hands on a NUPE case and it is headstamped “YVX 14 9MM”.

Fede, Can you post an image of the earlier headstamp you mentioned?


Lew, sorry for the quality of the picture, it is the only one I have found. This image used to be on their website until it was replaced by the one posted above by Matt. Regards, Fede.

Got my hands on a NUPE case and it is headstamped “YVX 14 9MM”.

Fede, Can you post an image of the earlier headstamp you mentioned?


Lew, when you get a chance can you post an image of your new headstamp?


There you are!


Awesome. Thanks Lew!

It looks like Bud’s Gun Shop has just begun to offer both the 115gr and 124gr 50rd boxes of this Yavex ammo at their website . I don’t find anywhere else on the internet selling it yet, except the Yavex site which is still 1000rd cases of the 124gr only.

DK - who and where is “Bud’s Gun Shop.” I would like to get a full box each of those cartridges - 115 and 124 grain.

Thanks Matt!


They never got to WalMart.

Its a shame they only seem to be at Bud’s Gun Shop. I finally was able to get on their website, where there is comment allowed. They got very bad reviews for the most part as to how they do business.

And here a “15” one:

John - I’m not surprised that Bud’s Gun shop has many complaints. They grew very quickly, and their inventory is massive (they claim to have over 1.7 million transactions over the past 12 years). This leads to a lot of back ordered items as they don’t have the sort of quality inventory management systems that a place like MidwayUSA has. I believe most of the complaints are geared towards guns as well, and stem from the craziness of the past couple years. Although I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend Buds for any particular reason, when a random place like this has odd ammo listed as in stock, it’s usually a safe bet, at least since the price is low enough. The link to the ammo is: and there is also 124gr on the site.

I received a box of the 115gr and 124gr from Bud’s Gun Shop. It was what had to be the worst packaging job I have ever seen, for just about anything, let alone ammunition. The two boxes were side by side, wrapped in a thin layer of plastic packing which seemed like something an invoice would normally be slipped into on a larger commercial shipment. It was torn, and the boxes were roughed up on the end-flaps.

The boxes are quite different, with darker tone on the 115gr, different styles as far as having a barcode / QR code or not, and the images & weight listings are different. The headstamp is the same for both (all 14 dates), and with the green sealer, they are reminiscent of the MKE headstamps - also from Turkey. I pulled one bullet, and it is a fully exposed concave lead base. There is also some black sealer around the lower side of the bullet, and also stuck to the inside of the case mouth - similar to the look of some South African loadings from PMP / Denel. The cases are boxer-primed.

It looks to me that the letters are smaller on the NUPE case that Lew posted compared to the loaded case posted by Matt.

Leon - It does look like the “9MM” on Lew’s is fatter or shorter, but after putting his & mine side-by-side, I wonder if it is just a matter of centering, and whether Lew’s was cut-off a little at the bottom? On multiple cases that I have it appears that the lettering of the entire headstamp is not perfectly consistent in terms of centering.

I think I agree with Leon. It isn’t only a matter of size. but the shape of the “9” is distinctly different on the two headstamps.

Good eye Leon!