New York City terrorist


Just wanted to express my condolences to our Argentinian brotherhood of collectors in regard to the loss of their countrymen in this latest bit of insanity that occurred yesterday in New York city.


And Belgian too.


yes, most certainly so.


Highest respect from Belgium, gentlemen! Alas, it won’t be the last criminal attack of these fools and fanatics in this mad growing world.


Paris, London, NYC etc

Is it a coincidence these attacks seem to take place where the citizens are not allowed to be armed?


Thank you Pete, we pray for those families. 😔😔😔😔😔


My condolences to the families of the victims.


R.I.P to the eight victims. Just goes to show you, a terrorist can kill people without using firearms. Terrible!


As far as I know, there were no firearms involved with 9/11, the
tragedy in New York City. Only box-cutter knives and airplanes.
That killed more innocent people than did the Japanese attack
on Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941.

Guns are merely a scapegoat favored by do-nothing, know-nothing
politicians, and ignorant citizens.

As an American, I am ashamed that this happened in my country,
and took the lives of six foreign nationals as well as two Americans. Unfortunately, when the
insane, or fanatics of any stripe, choose to do mayhem, there are few
laws of any kind that can interfere much with their determination.



Thanks Pete.


remember Nice ,more than 80 killed with a “simple” truck

terrorist are too coward to comit massacres where people are armed (i talk about european countrys)

stupids laws forbiddens Honest Citizen to get weapons but develop black market

in france it easy to get full auto weapons ,explosives … in black market
items do no where in an traditionnal armory shop


Thanks Pete.


If it was a gun they would blame the maker, should we blame the truck maker and Home Depot ? Of course not.
Shows you how stupid the anti gunner are in this country.
Best thing to do here is take the bastard out and slow hang him in public.


Thanks Pete,
We are very sad, the boys were from my city


I think it has nothing to do with “armed vs unarmed”. If you had a concealed 9mm pistol, could you have prevented it? It happened in a city because cities have many people and that gets the act on the world news. If it happened in a small village, would it make the news worldwide, day after day?

In my view, the goal is to force the western countries (1) to cease admitting Moslems and then to expel resident Moslems, thereby sending the problem elsewhere, and (2) to send large military forces to 3rd World Moslem countries, thereby alienating local Moslems. Either action will bring the Moslem extremists more recruits.


I think this Forum is not the right place to discuss matters like terrorism. Let there be some space of mourning, of respect for victims as PetedeCoux started this thread. Of course we’re all angry and shocked. But discussions for or against firearms don’t work. Oh yes, there are solutions. The first is a terrible dictatorship, in the name of safety & freedom, wiping out our freedom. In Belgium, we now may deploy .300 whisper against the AK, against monster-trucks because “this bullet can slam through the engine and stop it”. It won’t make the difference on that moment of a new attack. Of course there’s the right, the duty of defense nobody denies and of course I 'll use that .300 whisper if necessary. But I’m afraid we 'll have to live with it for some long time to come.


Tanks Pete.