New York State Eliminates Ammunition Portion of the Safe Act


On Friday, July 10th 2015 New York State amended the Safe Act and removed
the sections that related to ammunition. In the original Safe Act the ammunition
section of the law prohibited any Internet sales by or to residents of New York State.
In addition any sales of ammunition in the state required that the seller had to do
a background check of the buyer and that the seller had to be either a licensed FFL
holder or have a license from NYS to deal in ammunition.

Now before we jump for joy and say that we are starting to win the battle against the
Safe Act you need to understand why the ammunition sections were removed.

The head of the New York State Police, who was tasked with enforcing the ammunition
portion of the Safe Act, informed the state that the NYS Police did not have the computer
software database that would allow them to do the background checks on buyers or
monitor Internet sales.

So for right now there are no restrictions on buying or selling ammunition in NYS or on
the Internet. However once the database software is developed I will guarantee that the
ammunition portion of the Safe Act will be reinstated.

Welcome to the Great State of New York.