New Yugo Tokarev H/S!

Just got a few “new” Tokarev dummies for the collection, one of which is the red plastic “primer” example in the middle. Interesting thing is the headstamp. All other documented Yugoslav PG (nr) and PPU (nny) 7.62x25 rounds have a 4 digit date. This is the first I’ve ever heard of with a 2 digit date! Yay!!!

Jon - nice! An anomoly among these rounds - dates before and after are four digit. Has anyone seen a four-digit version of the 1962 date?

Congrats! Great find. Thanks for sharing the photo with us.

John, up until a few weeks ago the earliest PPU/nny date on a 7.62 Tok round was 1963. Then in a short time I got and confirmed the 1957 and now have a '62. That’s a lot in a short span. No four digit PPU/nny 1962 has ever been reported.