New "Zombie" Product Line from Hornady?

Being usually ignorant of popular trends, I was unaware of this product and the menace for which it is intended… … ts_id=1123


Looks like that was leaked, and that Canadian retailer should not have listed it even as a presale since it is not even on Hornady’s website. Unless it’s a carefully orchestrated marketing ploy? Who knows. The online gun forums and zombie forums (there’s dozens of zombie forums) are all abuzz about this ammo. The whole zombie thing has quite a cult following and I’m a bit surprised that no other ammo manufacturer has come up with something like this over the past 10 years. I am a bit surprised that it turns out that Hornady is the one to do it, but they do have a perfect nomenclature set up to call it “Z-max”, whereas they already make “A-max”.

I can’t wait to see what literature Hornady uses to describe how these are tailored for use against the undead, and what physical properties the projectiles will have to defeat zombies. You have to shoot zombies in the head mind you, and cause significant damage, so maybe they will be a polymer-tip frangible-core or efmj or something?

I wonder who it is that certifies Zombie ammunition? The National Zombie Association?

Ever see that video about the revolver in the NRA museum designed for killing vampires and the sculptured silver bullets for it? See … useum.html

It seems that this ammunition, like the “halo point” in the other thread is just a way of marketing rounds to the video game generation. Still, they will probably be some desirable boxes for collecting in a few decades time.

Hornady is set to announce Z-MAX ammo on their website next Friday. Leading up to that, they’ve put the following video on their youtube channel. … pwMyfBOVxI

I guess the advertising works well !!
I do wonder what this will cost .

And do you stock this under “home defense” ammunition ?
Halloween is coming soon…


I have suspected for awhile, with rounds like “Black Talon,”, “Guard Dog,” and the like, that the ammunition industry in the USA was becoming, shall we say to be polite, "slightly unbalanced."
My God, with that teaser from Hornady, they are absolutely bonkers; totally unhinged, gone 'round the bend. Zombie ammo? They have been watching too many of the remakes of “Night of the Living Dead.”

The rotten thing is I will have to buy a box of each auto pistol caliber! Arghhhh!

By the way, did I tell you of my new brand of ammunition, coming to a pet store near you in a few years - “House Cat.” It is full metal jacket when you shot it at paper, but the bullet has retractable claws that spring out if it is used for self-defense. Instead of “bang,” the muzzle blast goes “Meow!”

Lord how I wish it was the 19th Century.

I made some inquiries and found that certification is done by an obscure government agency, the Zombie Ordnance and Munitions Bureau. (The acronym, ZOMB, when spoken is naturally pronounced like “zombie”.)

Ammunition testing is done at Area 51, where medical isolation facilities are secure enough to prevent the spread of infection.

Finally got my box of Hornady 9x19mm Zombie 115gr Z-MAX. Fortunately it was delivered in a plain brown wrapper.

The bullet looks like the 115gr Critical Defense but with a green plastic tip instead of the red plastic tip.

The least they could have done is add “ZOMBIE” to the headstamp. That would have made it interesting. What a disappointment!



I’m was as disappointed as you are when I opened a box of Zombie 308 Winchester at the weekend.


Stan, the acronym is actually ZOM-B. Shhhhhhhhhhhh… … nt=002.jpg