New Zonbie Loads

Apparently Hornady doesn’t have a lock on Zombie ammunition. Thee box below showed up recently. The cases are reloaded, mostly with FC NT headstamps. Looks like a standard HP bullet with a green plastic insert in the tip. Anything to make a buck! Is Capitalism great or what???

No manufacturer identified on the box, just “MADE WITH PRIDE IN THE U.S.A.”


Lew, do you think a zombie would notice any difference with those made by Hornady?

I’m rapidly turning into a mental zombie with all this crap that is coming out. The horrible thing is the terrible hypocrisy I suffer upon myself by lusting over it for my own collection!

Arghhhhhh! (Let’s see - I’m getting confused. Is that what Zombies say all the time, or am I confusing them with “Long John Silver” pirates?

Lew, it seems that somebody printed an edited version of this concept label made by a digital artist:

I ran across a photo on the internet of more of this guys stuff!

Fede, you will love this! The sellers name is “Wyatt Burp”!


Lew, well, at least this one is quite honest and has sense of humor.


I’d delete the ‘g’ for pirate-speak…the more unintelligible strings of consonants there are, the closer you are to zombish.

As for the ammo…I’m honestly interested to know more about the cavity filler, even to see it tested. I’ve seen things as minute as a drop of superglue in an HP cavity get a JHP to perform very differently in test media. Manufactured or added to standard factory component bullet? (I added colored fillers to some Lapua CEPP to make “depleted uranium” 9mm years ago when I lent a hand to a small indie film production. Little did I know that DE 9mm would show back up again in the most recent Bond flick…)

The ammo-knerd in me wants to know.

Lastly, I try as best I can to be open-minded about fantasy worlds such as the zombie stuff…but .50BMG? C’mon, I’d rather see anti-zombie stuff in .22LR, 5.7x28mm, or other cartridges likely to be employed or desirable when Great Grandpa decides to come back for some long pork.