Newbie 9mm Luger Bullet Question

I apologize in advance, if this question is too basic, but I’m stumped. I have this bullet (un-fired) that has “WIN” at the top of the base, and “9MM LUGER” at the bottom. I’ll post pictures, if I can figure out how to do that. Nonetheless, it’s a Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP), but with a unique “conformance coating” of the bullet, and a nickel-plated (looking) shell. I.e., not brass (looking). I’d like to know who makes it, so that I can figure out how many grains the bullet is, and what ft/sec the muzzle velocity is.

Any help, very much appreciated. Thanks.

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WIN is Winchester.

What do you mean by a “conformance coating?” If you could weigh the cartridge, someone here could probably not only deduce the bullet weight, but from that, could perhaps identify the precise loading, in which case Winchester catalogs show the Muzzle Velocity.

I will be gone for a week from the computer, so I cannot help in that regard. No time.

John Moss

Welcome Ed
to post a photo. 1st be sure it is in JPG format, put it on your desk top, then click & drag it into the thread where your cursor is.

Firstly, thank you to all who’ve responded thus far; I’m sorry I’m a bit tardy with the photos and other details. The item at question is,

By “conformance coating”, I meant a polymer (looking) ‘bonded’ surface, not the typical lead or copper cladding. Oh, and weight: 13.85 grams, which I believe works out to 213.7 grains.

Any further help identifying the particular type/kind of Winchester 9mm Luger bullet that I have, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Edd.

Good evening EdWSuor (this is Europe) and welcome to this Forum.

It seems to me an ordinary Winchester Black Talon. Nothing special to me but in most (if not all) European countries only for law enforcement.

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Duq -

I agree; that’s gotta be it.

Now, do you know how many grains the bullet is? 147gr?

And how about muzzle velocity? 990 ft/sec?

Thanks all!

  • Edd.

All of the 9mm Black Talons were 147gr, and around 925 to 990 fps depending on barrel length.