Newbie at SLICS 2019

Hello I have only been collecting a few months and this was my first SLICS. I was impressed with the variety of items but most importantly how nice, friendly and helpful people were. A gentlemen from New Zealand helped me look for cartridges at others tables. Sorry I forgot names but I was impressed. I was able to purchase a couple of cartridges I needed (246 Purdey and 577 REWA) and purchases a lot more that I didn’t need. I also found out a couple of British cartridges that I was after never existed (242 Belted …) Who knows where I got those ideas.

The hotel was very good and I ate some great Scallops for dinner last night at the hotel. Look forward to next year.



I bought at least 50lb’s of stuff I didn’t need

My 2nd year… Learning curve is starting to come back over itself.