Newbie from maine is back

I haven’t been on the forum for a while, so for anybody who wants to know, here’s what happened.

I was in RI and on the way back went to the Kittery Trading Post. A great place, for anybody who is in New England, full of guns and ammo. They have a lot of neat commercial stuff as well as old and used boxes. Their misc. rack is a good place for random stuff like reloading dies and odd calibers. They had lots of .240 Weatherby brass, Remington Core-Lokts, milsurp stuff and more. I bought a box of Swedish (?) .30-06, a nice 15 rd. box of wartime 8mm Mauser, a full box of M1909 blanks, a little 100 ct. box of Winchester shotshell primers, some linked long neck .308 blanks, a badly taped but good condition box of 9mm Largo and a Garand clip. That’s not even all they had. A lot of good stuff.

Once I was back home, I ordered a bullet puller. A Lyman Magnum puller. Its a good one too. Works really well on all kinds of ammo.

Also, I saw Dave at ammo-one had some .30-03 in stock so I ordered one, as well as a .30 Remington stamped .30-30 Rem. and a Kynoch .303 Miniature.

The next day, we saw my grandmothers down the road neighbor was having a yard sale. He is always selling guns and ammo, so we stopped in. I picked up a nice orange label almost full 30 round Winchester box of .30 Winchesters (AKA .30-30) for 50 bucks and a neat little .22 short Remington box.

Sorry for the length, but theres my ammo filled month in a nutshell.

Some nice items. Old and unusual boxes are a real weakness for me. I “only” collect 9mm Para but have been know to pick up boxes is lots of other calibers if they interest me. My rational is that they will help me better understand my 9mm boxes. For example there are at least 4 variations of the Winchester red & yellow post war box used from 1948 to about 1962 (as I remember). Then I saw a red & yellow Winchester 38 New Police which was a 5th variation on the design so I had to have it. I’m having a harder time rationalizing the wonderful little 32 S&W box labeled Warner Arms Corporation, a little company that made some weird autopistols early on. No relation to 9mm Para, but I love it.

Buy the stuff you enjoy!!! Good Luck.


Love that trade-in / partial shelf at Kittery Trading Post. Found an odd box of 9mm Federal Ballisticlean with the stranded zinc core tip there once.