Newly acquired, nothing too special, but I have some questions UPDATED!

.30-03’s are relatively common with the exceptions of the UMC 30 S headstamped one which was loaded with a projectile shaped like the .30-01, and any arsenal dummy. But paper bulleted blanks, and commercial UMC, Winchester & U.S.C.Co. are somewhat common with I suppose the U.S.C.Co. being the hardest of the three, and Arsenal loaded examples seem a little harder to find. And as Randy noted cracked necks are almost the norm, even well into .30-06 arsenal production although those seem to be caused more by the powder breaking down than lack of annealing.

Thanks for the information, it all seems like a bunch of puzzle pieces to me, just mapping out history. Also, I was able to get the empty 06es out of the Prideaux links without bending them out of shape.

Links are completely unmarked and I have heard there were a few makers from different countries?

Another uncommon .30-03…Keep you eyes peeled for U.S.C. 30 MOD. 03…OR IS IT 1903??..anyway, back when I collected these, U.S.C. without the Co. is not easily found…Randy

Always gotta be on the lookout! I don’t think I’ll get too involved with .30-03, it is an interesting cartridge, though. However I did just get my hands on a .60 MG case, empty and electric primed.

Forgot about the US with out the Co. & as I recall that it the only known case type found with that “partial” headstamp.

Headstamp of US or USC?

I looked but no longer have the drawing I made…the headstamp is U.S.C., without the Co. Perhaps Pete owns one and can photo or scan it and post it here…



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Interesting primer dome on the left example. I’ll be on the lookout.

I’ve tried garnering information on the 7.63 Mausers I posted above, but still haven’t been able to narrow them down. One of them has a slight neck crack, would pulling the projectile and inspecting the powder help determine manufacturer?

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What types of projectiles do they have?


same as yours Joe

How do you feel about the tinned primer? Original?


yes other than not having an impressed US logo it’s the same, just a trick of light making it look odd.

The U.S.C. 30 GOV. MOD. 03 is illustrated in the 1908 catalog in two different loadings:

On the left side example, is that a normal primer for that cartridge? It might just be the picture, but it looks a lot more “domed” than any primer I’ve seen. Was the same style used in any '06 that you know of?


So the one on the left is NOT tinned? That is just the lighting.


The only difference between the two is the intertwined impressed US on the right example as the one with the US is also tinned, but it is the lighting than makes the tinned example on the left look unusually domed.

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Those 7.63 mm Mauser cartridges can be found in at least two different 20-round boxes with the following markings:

N. 20 Cartouches MAUSER 7.63

N. 20 AUTOMATIC 7.63

Both examples have a rubber stamped “ITALY” on the bottom and contain cartridges packed in unmarked steel clips. Also, some of the French language boxes were imported into the US by Sequoia Importing Co. in San Francisco, who also imported Mauser pistols in this caliber.

In my opinion, they look like a Fiocchi product.



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Thank you! I had gathered from a couple other forum posts they could be Italian.