Newly made commercial 20x138B cases?

I heard there are newly made 20x138B Rheinmetall cases on the US market. Made by a commercial company for all those guys who are shooting their Solothurn and Lathi AT rifles.

Has anybody seen these cases or does know who is making/marketing them?

Alex, that would be Anzio Ironworks Corp., which since about 2013 have been offering loaded cartridges using newly made stainless steel cases. I don’t recall about any others.

Here’s a link to the product on their site: … Rifle.html

I have a feeling that the cost would make for a very expensive day of plinking at the range!


Does anyone know if the cases have a headstamp? I would like to see a photo if they do.

Great info guys!
As Falcon said, are any hs images available?