News: European powder manufacturer explosion

Powder manufacture in Europe, PB Clermont in Belgium has an explosion.

Be sure to read the small print as some of this is Google translate & it doesn’t translate.

Get ready to pay higher prices for SAA in Europe in the time to come.

EOD, may well be the same here as a number of those end-users sell that powder here in the US.

Yes, globalization and large companies pushing others out of business (being the sole suppliers then) is not always good when such things do happen.

Better business for Bofors and Vihtavuori then. I guess they are having a big party right now.
PB Clermont Evacuation And Clearing Underway. Ammunition Industry Remains Ominously Silent.
Bearing Arms ^ | 3-14-14 | Bob Owens
One week after an explosion at the world’s second largest small arms propellant factory leveled a building, Belgian authorities have evacuated an area 350 meters out from the edges of an “explosion exclusion perimeter.” A French hazardous materials recovery company is now on-site and has tackled the dangerous process of attempting to recover existing propellants and begin the clean-up and evacuation of materials.

PB Clermont SA provides small arms propellant (gunpowder) to most ammunition manufacturers in Europe and many in the United States. Last Friday at about 5:00 PM local time after most workers had gone home for the day, an explosion leveled a key building used to manufacture propellant used for rifle cartridges. Two employees were injured.

The cause of the explosion is still unknown.

Clean-up efforts began yesterday, after the necessary initial investigative work had been completed and the area was saturated with water to help prevent the possibility of a follow-on explosions. The recovery of explosive materials is expected to be completed today.

Sabine Huc, the communications manager at PB Clermont, said that 20 nearby homes were evacuated for the duration of the clean-up.

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From a friend who sent this, from a firend: “I just returned from the IWA Show. The Clermont powder plant explosion was announced at the Show. This caused long faces as it will put a crimp in RUAG’s production schedule (Norma, MFS, Swiss P and RWS/Geco). Others such as Fiocchi will also feel the crunch. GIAT also announced that the powder plant would be repaired and was estimated to be back in full production in 90 days. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. The same plant had another explosion last year. Every propellant plant in Europe is booked solid and propellants for reloading are non-existant.

RUAG advised they are running flat out on rimfire with much of it going to the US. Same with Fiocchi.

I see a listing in the latest Cheaper Than Dirt catalog showing Tulammo rimfire cartridges in cans marked “Made in Bosnia Hertzogovinia” Probably the result of Howell Machine’s consulting.

I am consolidating my list of new ammo makers/loaders in the US and have reached 30!! At the IWA Show this expanded to 40!! Nothing like a hot market to draw more wanna-be’s. Most will probably not make it once the market is satiated.

Mood at IWA was positive except for two developments: 1. the Clermont powder plant explosion, and 2. Putin’s putting a hold (or stop) on European sporting ammunition being imported into Russia. RUAG had a $1 million order packed when the hold came. Russia has turned out to be the strongest and largest market for sporting arms and ammunition for many European manufacturers. That surprised me.”

Russia was also importing the Belgian propellant (including for some military applications if my info is correct).
I wonder how that embargo will work then.

I got the same email as Pete. Interesting. Seems that Putin got the “one up” on our head clown once again, imposing his own embargo on sales of Western Ammo in Russia. Meanwhile, our errand-boy-of-state, after telling the world how tough we would be on Russia, turned around and insured Russia that there was nothing personal in the U.S. Actions to be taken (?). Nothing like an upfront apology to show how “tough” you are. This theater of the absurd from the house on the Potomac, or where ever the heck it is, is making me ill.