News in my collection

Hello everyone! Here are some novelties in my collection! From left to right

  • 14.5x114 mm
    -55 boyds
    -1 Inch Nordenfelt
    -600 Nitro Express
    and 308 Win for comparison :)


Thanks for sharing. Please, can you post pictures of the headstamps?



Yes Fede, here the 14.5x114

The 55 boysimage

And the 1 Inch Nordenfeltimage


bid stuff Fede. I have a 55 boys and a 1 inch nordenfelt in my collection kind o side items as not my primary area odf inhterest/ Tne 1 inch came froma co worker who was from Nova Scotia originally Boys round I got many years ago Think it had a K with date headtstamp. Since i typically stay 13mm and below these sort of just showed up and found a home. neat rounds.I have a nice selection of 30mm GAU dummy rounds from the US A-10 Gun. These were from tests done on feed systemn at Emerson in St, louis MO Area many years ago. again not my usual interets but being inert I had no problem addintg them in. Thanks for sharing pictures.

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