Newton "Hardshell" Bullet

Does anyone have an example of a cartridge loaded with Newton’s “Hardshell” Bullet? It was furnished in .30, .35 and .40 Newton.


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I don’t recall seeing this illustration in any of his catalogs, where was / is this illustration found?
None here.

May well be like the 280 Newton something never actually produced?
The .40 Newton seems to be very rare. & one I need.

Maybe time to show side by side all known “Newton” ctgs.

Ever obtained only a poor condition .3o Newton by Western with sp Cu bt.Suppose it was original.


Pete, this is found in “Supplement to Catalogue B”, 1924.



Ok I see it in the supplement.

In the catalog B he shows the ,280 Newton (and all others) with a Western open point bullet, the 256, .30U.S.G., .30 & .35 Newton but no mention of the .40 and states the …280 is “a new addition”. He also states this Buffalo Newton Rifle Co, was organized in the spring of 1923 and the address is 1081-1085 Ellicott Sq. Buffalo NY. My supplement is hand dated in pencil Sept 1924 but the address is now New Haven Conn. and in both in the ballistic charts both the .280 Newton and the Ross are compered but the .40 Newton is not mentioned.

In another (undated) 8 page pamphlet from the New Haven address the 280 is not mentioned but is shown in the ballistic chart and only the .256, .30 .30 U.S.G. and the .35 are touted. He does compare them the the “new Winchester .270”, No ammunition is shown.

Now the “C” catalog with the New Haven address. The 3 Newton cartridges are all Western Open Point, 256, .30, .30 U.S.G. & .35, the ballistic chart shows the ,280 Newton and the Ross but no .40 Newton. This copy is hand dated in pencil as _“1923” but I believe that is wrong.

Another bit from New Haven is an undated ,1 page {8.5"x11"} illustration and text touting the “New Straight Pull Rifle”.

I believe Newton’s next & last venture was the Lever Bolt rifle & it was also from New Haven. It is undated but has an order form with the printed dates of 1931 and 1932 in it.
This unusual catalog has some of the “B” catalog the “new” .280 Newton plus the Western Open Point, 256, .30, .30 U.S.G. & .35, and the same ballistic chart as mention in other catalogs / supplements with the .40 not mentioned.

Not sure where the Lever Bolt information fits with the Meeker problem due to the above mentioned 1931dared order sheet.

Now we come to the Meeker rifle, an undated letter to the public, written by Newton with the New Haven address, he complains “in the spring of 1924 we were badly in need of $5000.00 to complete the equipment of our plant and the production of the first lot of rifles” and then he met “One John H. Meeker” with whom Meeker agreed to help Newton & along with two other raised some money, but soon apparently took control of the plant. He hed control from Oct. 20th, 1924 till Jan. 15th 1925. In Jan of 1925 he moved the “Parts” to another location. He goes on about the patents he holds which Meeker is infringing on, and ends saying this is “the history of the Meeker rifle”.

So I hope this is of use. I have my doubts about the .280 and the .400 existence, and if these “Hardshell” bullets do still exist. He does claim the testing of them, so most likely some were made.

Here are some Newton headstamps, (Co. was before Corp.) some are found unheadstamped & REM-UMC is found on the .256 & the .30. The rare .30-06 used the N.A.Co, hs first but is also found with a WESTERN 6-17 or a REM-UMC 1906 headstamp. The .270 Newton was only made by Speer & is in effect a wildcat.

Your Western sounds correct. Most Newtons (other than Western) usually have the Newton patent wire point bullet, which is a steel wire inserted into the tip of the SN bullet.

Thanks a zillion Pete,nice headstamps,suppose the .40 Newton was cataloged but never made.-


The .280 wasn’t for sure. One cartridge was once thought to be a REM-UMC 280 Newton version by a number of collectors until a .333/280 Jeffery Rem-UMC box was found with a Remington .333 Jeffery label & rounds headstamped REM-UMC (at 12:00 & nothing else) were found in it. The rounds amazingly / oddly enough have 4 different headstamp sizes, weight the same, & have the came bullet.
go figure
To my knowledge two boxes are known, but unfortunately both of those box holders have now passed.

Is this what you were asking for ?

Hard Shell Bullet.31


Zac, what is the headstamp? It could be this bullet:


That looks like the “Pneumatic” bullet designed by Edwin Johnson of the Dominion Cartridge Company, patented in March 1929. There is a cavity underneath the dimple.

Chris P.

A factory sectioned example of the Pneumatic Bullet, .30-40 Krag, headstamp D.C.Co. 30 U.S.A.


I found this cartridge in some recent acquired ammo. I got all excited because I thought it was what Fede was looking for. I should have read the entire post before posting. Yes, this is a 30-40 Krag with the same headstamp as the sectioned one Randy shows. My mistake.