Newtwon Arms Co. Inc. ammo boxes


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Newton Arms Co. Inc has at least two different ammunition box designs. I am curious as to what type of cartridges (headstamps) came in each box design; a piece of info that has no interest to some although if you are really into Newton, it might interest you.

The lower box in the picture, is made of a light cardboard and has a different style of dividers for the cartridges. Most I have seen have headstamps of N.A.Co. and then caliber. I am wondering if other headstamps came in this style box.

The upper box is cardboard and is wrapped in a light paper. I seems a little stronger than the lower box with a variety of headstamps. I have seen this style with both early and late ammo headstamps in it.

There may be no pattern or way to figure out what box came first. They may have put ammo in any box that was available.

What I am asking of you, if you have interest, and have original boxed Newton Arms Co. boxed ammo is;

What style of box is the ammo in? Plain or paper wrapped?

What is the caliber of the ammo?

What is the weight of the bullet?

What is the headstamp?

What is the color of the label? yellow or blue?

Thanks for any help you can offer.
Larry Wales

Lawrence Wales


Here is a auction link to GunBroker. Your smaller box, the .256 Newton, is what the person auctioned off at the end of December. You can see the complete box top along with the bullet grains. I have only had .256 Newton boxes before. The other box could be either .30 or .35 Newton but you will need to talk to somebody who is into Newtons. Hope this helps. … =151147886


There seems to be some confusion as to what I am asking in the original post. I am looking for more exact information on Newton ammo boxes in order to add it to the next eidtion of my book “The Newton Rifle”.

The main question is; IF you have an original Newton Arms Co. Inc. ammo box, what style is it (paper covered or plain cardboard) and what is the headstamp of the cartridges in it?
Thanks, Larry Wales