Next Headstamp ID'S 5.56x45


1 = HB This round has a red tip and is a tracer. [HB =?? ]
2 = No headstamp Possibly a Dummy, White plastic case, Alloy head coated a brass colour and primer section as per picture. [any IDEAS]
3 = A T I This round has a brass head 100mm [high base] then white plastic case with normal copper coloured projectile fitted. The primer section has been drilled out and threaded, possibly a display cartridge.[ ATI=?? ]
4 = ODL This round is a chrome plated blank DUMMY, said to be a gift to visitors of ODL [ODL=??]
Apologies for the orientation in these posts but took some medication not long ago, become impatient.


#1, HB, Chartered Industries of Singapore Ltd, Their date code for 1982
#2, No H/S, Hirtenberger Patronen Zundhutchen und Metallwarenfabrik AG
#3, ATI, AMTECH International Inc. Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho
#4, ODL, Ordnance Development Ltd, Wanganul, New Zealand


Thank you kindly, 1 and 3 I was guessing in the right direction, but 2 and 4 I had no idea. But it is nice to be sure and eliminate that nagging doubt that my guess was wrong.