Next HWS book

Is the next HWS book or books going to be ready for SLICS?

as a guess, probably not.

These are long slow processes and all parties have plenty of other things to do with their energy. This is how the books were explained to me by Bill Woodin. Frank Hackley writes the text based upon his research. Bill checks the information against specimens in his lab. After this is done Gene Scranton draws the images which they want. This all takes time AND while these are happening NEW information and specimens continue to appear requiring reworking of at least steps 1 and 2.

They have plenty for more books.

I spoke with Bill Wooden at the 2010 SLICS about when we might expect Vo. 3. He told me that all the writing and research was completed and the only hold-up was the drawings by Gene Scranton. He said the book was ready to go to press as soon as Gene finished the drawings. At that time he hoped it would be ready for 2011 SLICS. Obliviously that did not happen.

Even when the author’s work is done the publishing problems come to play. Hobby books are not a big seller and are not high on the priority of most publishers. “Kiss handsome boys” and astrology books sell far more and get published sooner.

OK guys, here’s the straight skinny (Navy talk for what’s actually going on). HWS Vol III is getting closer, but not by SLICS 2012. The draft of the entire book has been completed and Gene has just finished all of the drawings. A publisher has been identified, and I will travel to Tucson after SLICS 2012 to create the images of the box labels, now in the Woodin Laboratory. HWS asked me to edit/format the book, which is a great honor of course, and I look forward to the work. More later as things progress, but please remember that projects like this always take longer than anticipated for any number of reasons.

Mel’s involvement is great news!

Now, Messers H, W, and S can get busy on Volumer 4, while Mel finishes up this one!