Next SLICS (with added SLICS display photos)


I know this may seem early, but I am wondering if the dates for next years SLICs are known yet?


Go to the “IAA Main Page”, linked above, and you will find show info for SLICS and a number of other cartridge shows listed down the left side. Try to hit as many as you can.


The simple way to plan ahead is to think of the week preceding (going in to) the Easter weekend…all the way from the Monday & Tuesday “in- room trading/fellowship” to the show opening Wed-Sat (but we all know we battle folks (trade/show tables) leaving Sat am…effectively making Sat a.m. a partial show room…which has its draw backs for those who can only arrive for the weekend (Sat).

The IAA and the Show Manager have discussed how we can keep the show room “alive and well” up thru the noon hour on Sat…and it’s an ongoing discussion. Any ideas out there ??

PS…why the Easter “week” ?..a hotel of that size and location finds the room/banquet room census down that holiday week and can offer rates for that week unlike any other…that would effectively price us out of a hotel like that.


Pepper–Here is an idea on how to keep dealers at SLICS until at least noon Saturday (Personally I think it should be until 5 PM). Any dealer that leaves early doesn’t get a table the next year. I’ll bet 99% will stay.


There could be a drawing for a free table renewal for the next year that could be drawn at 12:00 noon on Saturday, and you’d have to be present with your table set up to claim it.

Or just some sort of really great prize drawing that would be drawn at noon which you would have to be present to claim? How about a super-limited shot at getting all of the digital copies of the journal up through the current month of the show (including 2005 - present)? That would be an exclusive prize offer that would keep me around (I stay till the end anyway).

I think most of the early pull-outs would stay through Saturday except that Easter causes them to want to return early? Although I know I make it home in time to do stuff with my family for at least the afternoon of Easter and I drive from St Louis at 12:00 to head for Maine.


The Dutch always leaves at 12:00 because we most drive 7 hours and at sunday we all fligh back…
And we have 7 table’s Ron I don’t think it’s a good idea…



Gyroject - I agree with you. As much as it would be good if the Show was open all day Satruday (and Sunday, for the matter), I think with-holding a table from the ones that leave would be a good way to kill a pretty good show. The very reason that the show can be held at that very, very nice and good hotel is the reason so many of us really need to leave Saturday - Easter. I am not religious, but Easter is a family day for us.

I remember years ago, back in Mundelein days, when the show was pretty much a weekend show. I flew home to San Francisco late Sunday (had to be back to work on Monday). Then, as the room trading kept getting earlier and earlier, the “Chicago Show,” now SLICS, became one week of my three weeks vacation at work. Many stayed thru Sunday because it cost a fortune for those who fly to come home on Saturday. Now that that airline rule has been changed, it is only natural that many leave Saturday so they can be home on Easter, besides which, many with cars who live in the relatively close vicinity of St. Lous - 800 miles or less, leave early Saturday or even Friday night. That starts the break up. One reason you see so many older people there, I think, is that it is now really a week-day show, and one must have an understanding family and a good employer to take one week of their vacation for the show.
The working guy who can’t get off except on the weekends - well, let’s be honest, St. Louis is not for him, and it hasn’t been since long before the show moved to St. Louis. It is for those who can and want to use vacation time to go, or for old f—ts like us who are retired.

That is simply the truth of the matter, and I see little constructive that can be done about it. It is a matter that has been discussed at Board Meetings, email discussions, phone calls and the like, with a lot of guys giving thought how to make it a weekend show too, but to no avail.
I think SLICS is what it is and is going to remain that way, a good show for those that can go to a mid-week cartridge meeting. That is the reality of it.

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John Moss


We have the same issue with the PA show in Denver/Morgantown/Lancaster/Denver/Morgantown. I’m usually happy if I can get the table-holders to wait until noon on Saturday to start packing.


I don’t go to the SLICS (or any other show for that matter) so I don’t have a horse in this race, but I do have an opinion. I’ve been to many a gun show in my short life and I think the SLICS is no different. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the tables. It’s a very expensive excuse for getting together with old friends, hanging out, BSing, and maybe a little cartridge trading thrown in. Any effort to try and get guys to stay and/or keep their tables open will be wasted. Operate it for what it is.




“It’s a very expensive excuse for getting together with old friends, hanging out, BSing, and maybe a little cartridge trading thrown in.”

You make that sound like a bad thing! I don’t know about others, but while I might get only 4 or 5 new rounds at Williamsport or the Morgantown show, I usually add at least 40 new rounds at the average SLICS show.



I certainly never meant it as a bad thing. I have several lives outside of cartridge collecting and they all are very expensive excuses.

40 cartridges divided into what it would cost me to attend SLICS . . .



Yeah, but they are usually cartridges that I would never see if I didn’t attend. Makes it all worthwhile to me.



I certainly never meant it as a bad thing. I have several lives outside of cartridge collecting and they all are very expensive excuses.

40 cartridges divided into what it would cost me to attend SLICS . . .


Here’s how you figure that, Ray:


Pepper’s display



Here’s how you figure that, Ray:


Which software did you use to writte that ?


I don’t know Ron, Zac and I are each 12 hours (actual road time, including fuel/food stops) from St. Louis and a 2 hour drive apart. That’s 3 & 5 additional hours on the road for us, after we drop you off at your home.


Which software did you use to writte that ?

It was a copy-paste thing. Typed in calculus formula, got a few pages of samples. Picked this one. Have no clue what it’s actually “solving”. Ray probably knows.



Got to love a spirited discussion…but remember, SLICS is not an IAA run show.

It is up to the good judgment of the “business man” running/managing the show (Vic Engel) how to he chooses to run it “from soup to nuts” is his business. Vic does discuss the show with IAA BOD (as John Moss commented), but ultimately it is Vic’s call. (and before Vic, a yeoman’s task was done to relocate the show to the friendlier confines of St Louis, that being current IAA Director, Mel Carpenter, and before him, the late George Murphy in Chicagoland…thanks to all three who have risked, time, money and effort beyond our comprehension to run the premier US based cartridge show).

Is the show the best I can attend…yes

Would I love to please the weekend visitor with a full house on Saturday (as well discussed by John Moss)…yes indeed…but I too face a family feud to missing Good Friday with them and the prospect of missing being home for Easter Sunday…is not an option (I usually leave about 2 pm Sat) but for 5 of the last 8 years I was awaiting the last minute to break down a 12’ show display as well (ego trip to be sure all got to see it…'way to blow smoke up my skirt Harrie!!)

So…is it going to change ?

That should not be the question, how can it “workably” change (with consideration of all of the travel and Easter holiday points folks have made) should be the question ?

Personally, if I had a $200…(just an example)…enticement to stay later…my family wins (thankfully they let me come in the first place) and I have to leave the $200 “on the table”

Bottom line? I agree with John Moss and very very thankful Vic runs the show as well as he does !!!


Actually, I haven’t been on the Board since Vic took over the show, I think. Mel was very, very good and considerate about discussing perceived show problems with the board, not only at the annual Board Meeting at SLICS, but also during email discussions throughout the year, even though it is NOT an IAA-run show. I’m sure Vic probably does too.

John Moss