Nexus Ammunition


I was looking down the list of exhibitors that will be at SHOT show this month for the 2015 show, and one called “Nexus Ammunition” caught my eye.

Their description on the SHOT summary page for them says:

It looks like they are a brand new venture from Strategic Armory Corps, a corporate entity which already owns Armalite, McMillan Firearms, AWC Silencers, and Surgeon Rifles. If you read the description on the SAC website, the ammo being described sounds suspiciously like Extreme Shock (Allegiance) ammo, or else DRT ammo:
The website for Nexus ammo below is only a placeholder at the moment, but somebody will likely post some photos online from SHOT show in 10 days.


I have to admit that the wording of the quote made me think of Blended Metal Technology, for some reason…


It’s funny, my first thought was immediately that RBCD had re-named / re-branded themselves to escape their past foibles. Interestingly, as I was trying to figure Nexus out at first, I checked the RBCD website and saw that they are no more. So RBCD is apparently gone (their site was up just one month ago). I suppose it is possible that Strategic Armory Corps bought out RBCD, but I give them the benefit of the doubt that they are doing a newly-minted type of ammo. One of their brands - McMillan, already manufactures ammo, so they should have the wherewithal to do something legitimate.


Nexus Ammo seems to be up & running with their rifle ammo production. I noticed two headstamp images on their Facebook page, one for .308 Win Match, and one for what must be .223 REM


Well done!!! I hope 9x19mm is next!



Here are some more headstamp images from Nexus’ website, showing a better look at 223 REM and a new 300BLK headstamp, which is dated 16, the first time I have seen a dated .300 Blackout case:


As mentioned in the updated .300 BLK headstamp list thread, this Nexus headstamp showed up to me recently -