Nice 6 mm RF scandinavian box labels

Oslo was called (Christiania from 1625-1877/1897) Kristiania until 1925.
So made between 1877 and 1925.

yes it is for Norway and made in 1901 by SFM

Very nice,indeed!
Thanks for showing,I have never heard of the one from Fredrikstad,not even the shop!
Perhaps it is the same as this OSC?

The Hagen is known in two different 250 piece boxes,but never seen the 1000.

(Anyone have a 1000 piece box from SFM or others?
Or could this be a label for four boxes…)

Regarding Christiania vs Kristiania,both names were used simultaneous up to 1925.
Nitedals cartridges had Chr in the Trademark both on the shell and box,but Kr in the adress.
I believe L.H.Hagen only used Chr all the way up to 1925.


You think the 1000 ctges label is for a pack of 4 boxes of 250 ctges boxes ?

I do not know

  1. I checked the other sfm boxes for different customers in the catalogues.
    The packaging is 100 (box exists), 250 (box exists) and 1000.

  2. About 1000 ctges label I have never seen a box containing 1000 ctges.
    I would say it is for a packing of 4 x 250 ctges boxes.
    But I was not very interested by 6 mm RF (bosquette or long range) ctges and I have only a very small collection.

  3. Another thing is the fact the 100 (or 250) and 1000 labels have the same dimensions.
    Because of that I am almost sure the 1000 label is for 4 x 250 or 10 x 100 ctges boxes.


In 1906 sfm made also this box (no name of the retailer)
It exists also for 100 ctges


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