Nice haul of 8X33mm

You old collecting hands are probably way ahead of me.

But, I find that a lot of people misspell Kurz as “Kurtz” - maybe they like Joseph Conrad novellas.

I did a GB search and found rather good quantity of ammo going for what I thought was very cheap.
It was marked as 101 rounds of Kurtz ammo.
What arrived this morning was:

fva 16 44 st (Loose some rust) X 35
LC68 (reloads I presume) X 55
04 61 (boxed) 7 X 15 round boxes
FNM 8X33 X 4

Box markings:
15 stuck 7,92-mmPtr,-Kz 43 SmE
mit St. -Hulse
14/1 gefertigt am: 13,9,61

I put the wartime rounds on stripper clips and applied a very minimal drop of oil to them to halt the rust.
Hence the paper tray -
This is not a valuable haul, or super collectable, but i am sort of a novice to this, and own an MP44, so have a special connection to this caliber.
So, I was quite pleased with it - and share accordingly :)

I wouldn’t expect much shootability with the wartime ammo, but the post-war stuff should go fine in your rifle. You’re very lucky to have the MP…enjoy.

Even the 1961 German stuff has historic value to me -

With PPU and Hornady making modern ammo - I don’t need to shoot my collection - smile.

I saw some FNM 8x33 listed recently on GB which were modified gunshow loads with red or green tracer elements added. The description however was seemingly passing them off as original.

The 8x33 is a collectible round.
Personally I collect German cartridges on head stamps and other markings like different primer types, bullets.

The nicest thing, this calibre has a beginning and an end, for me 1945.
And……it fits all in a small case.

The empty places must be filled.


So Dutch,
What’s the story about that lonely one in the top right corner??? Must be a special one.

[quote=“jonnyc”]So Dutch,
What’s the story about that lonely one in the top right corner??? Must be a special one.[/quote]


May you tell me/us a story behind this round?

The cartridges headstamped LC 68 are unknown handloads in reformed brass and shouldn’t be fired. Jack

I concur with Jack. In fact, out of a highly valuable firearm like a Sturmgewehr, I would not fire any of the WWII German ammo either. With much German steel-case ammo now, after almost 70 years, rusting through from the inside, imagine what a catastrophic case failure would do to that rarely found and terribly expensive collector’s piece, not to mentioan a poor handload. The only ammo mentioned that I would fire, without hesitation, is the Portuguese FNM ammo. Portuguese military rifle ammo is uniformily among the best made. I have used it in both 7.62 NATO and 8 mm Mauser (and much less in 9 mm Para). The 7.62 ball from FNM I have fired was more accurate than Lake City Match. The 7.52 ammo was fired in a variety of weapons - M1A, several FALs, HK91 and two bolt actions, a Remington 40XB BR Heavy Varmint Class rifle and an Israeli conversion of a Czech vz 24 Mauser to 7.62 NATO. The 8 mm (7.9 x 57) was fired in a standard 1942 Sauer K98k.

John, to what I been told the Portuguese 7.92x33 are made by PPU.

Do not worry - as stated above - modern Hornady or PPU (FNM) ammo only.
My ammo collection is not for shooting - just showing.

The hand-loads are not going to be shot -

That is a great collection, Dutch, a case for the true connoisseur of Polte Kurz.

EOD - thanks for the info. I should have known that the Kurz rounds were made by PPU. Some other calibers were. I should have known because I think this ammo post-dates the general cessation of ammunition production at the Portuguese factory.

Well, PPU ammo is o.k. too - in my view, not as good as FNM’s original products, but still quite decent.