Nice Spencer Box


Not something I normally get, but I liked the condition of this box of .50 Spencer rounds, so it came home with me.


This box must be pretty rare. Wikipedia states that “the Sage Ammunition Works manufactured ammunition between 1864 and 1867”. Only 3 years!!! … t_industry


Thanks for that info.


Here is the history on how Sage came into existence too:


So my box could only have come from '65 to '67.


Nice box Jon
There are several label variations probably at least five in all. I have two boxes plus one label in my collection & all are different. So short production time, but …
Check your now deceased, fellow PA resident’s book as Barber shows 1864 to 66 as production years. I’d be inclined to believe him than Wikipedia, plus he shows another label variation.


According to Roy Marcot’s Spencer book the SAW military contracts for the .56-50 were all received during 1866, totalling about 2.3 million rounds. Jack


Oh yeah Jon forgot to add that you better open all those inner boxes & look for the raised headstamp variation!
Few of those would probably help out towards the purchase price of the box!


Pete, I probably won’t keep the box, so I’ll leave that to a future owner. I wouldn’t want to break any seals.


Can someone please tell me if this style of box was ever sealed in any way?


just the inner boxes were sealed


That’s what I thought. Thanks, Pete.