Nickel 7.62x51 Dummy


Shown below is a nickel plated 7.62x51 Dummy. It has a genuine bullet. Headstamp is “RG 84 (+)”. Is this a legitimate military issue dummy or made for the inert souvenir market? Judging by the wear marks halfway along the case, it looks to have come from a belt.


Hi Falcon - this is not an ‘issue’ item - I would say it’s a fashion accessory - usually belts. JP-C


Okay, thanks. Most of the ones I have seen in belts for sale as fashion accessories for the punk rocker types have a very poorly cast imitation bullet, but the one in this is definitely real, as it has the correct profile and a cannelure. It also feels weighty enough. I have seen belts of rounds similar to this for sale at