Nickeled 30 Army Cartridge


I have a 30 Army which is completely nickel plated except for about 1/8 inch on the bullet tip (please see photos below). It looks like a bona fide Frankford made cartridge to me and has no signs of being tampered with. The 3-element headstamp (F 4 01) is also correct for this time period.

It isn’t the usual dull grey tinned case but is actually shiny like chrome. I looked through HWS Vol. 1 and noted nothing to indicate what this cartridge might be unless I missed something. A reduced range cartridge was mentioned as being nickel plated, but only the first half of the case.

30-40 Krag Army Nickeled F 4 01 Profile
30-40 Krag Army Nickeled F 4 01 HS

Has anybody seen a similar cartridge or have one in their collection? Is it possible this is some type of drill, function test, dummy, or display type cartridge?

I would appreciate any information or opinions as to what this cartridge might be. Thank you for your time to read this post.


I think these were chromed or nickel for parade cartridges. I once had a chrome Krag parade rifle.
Here is my nickel or chrome cartridge.


Thank you very much for that informed response!

I was certain there was a reason for “dressing” a cartridge with plating and a parade/ceremony is reason enough. Electroplating a single cartridge is not worth the effort.

Do you know who or where the cartridges were plated??

Thanks again.

No I don’t know where they were made.

Some American Legion and VFW Post had their ceremonial guard squads dressed up for 4th of July and Memorial Day duties. They had these cartridges for display and they looked sharp!