Nickelled 3 ring DWM dummy sporting cartridges listed in DWM catalogues

Is anyone aware of nickelled 3 ring DWM dummy sporting cartridges being listed in DWM catalogues?

In particular, the 9.3x62 dummy/drill/exerzierpatrone
If so, what year/s please.


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I have a fair number of DWM catalogs and none of them list this type of drill cartridge. From 1926 to 1935 only auto pistol drill cartridges are listed. From 1937 to 1939 (I don’t have 1936) 8x57J drill with flutes in the case is listed. The only publication that I know of that shows your drill cartridge is the 1913 DWM factory ledger in various reproductions.

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I have no idea when made.
Dusty, is the bullet hollow on your Dummy also?

DWM 515A hs

Here some examples of the 7,9 Ex round for MG.

Thank you vidar for checking your catalogs for me. I am not quite sure of your reference to “1913 DWM factory ledger”.
Was this ledger a record of what was manufactured in a given year?
Are ledgers available for other years?

I can understand the factory making drill cartridges for military but how common was it for sporting cartridges? Does that 1913 ledger give us some idea?

And, as you point out, by 1937-39 they produced drill rounds with flutes. So this just appears to be a case of starting with the 3-rings and much later changing to the flutes.

My 7x57 Mauser is D.M. 95 K 18 and the image posted by dutch appear to also be all DM (can not make out the one on the left), so pre DWM. Dan’s 10.75x68 and my cartridge both have the case number hs configuration used by DWM, so pre 1925?

Thank you dutch for posting the image. Those hs codes can tell us year of manufacture?

DM and DWM made lots of different case types and also bullets. In order to keep track of them they were entered into a ledger showing basic dimensions, drawings and other information. The 1913 edition, or a copy of it, survived the war and has been reproduced several times. You can obtain a copy from Lew Curtis,
Here is a portion of the page showing your case number 474C, which as a Exerzierpatrone is listed as 474C1. There is no mention of what it was used for. In the “Geschoss hierzu No.” (bullet for this case) column it says “Geschossmantel 298”, which is bullet jacket 298.

Yes, for example DM 11 00 in 120° or DM 7 05 S in 90° head stamp.
DM is clear 11 is the month and 00 the year (1900) the other one July 1905.


Thank you vidar for that copy. I have just tried wading through the post DWM book started by jeanpierre and my old head hurts.
I was going to ask if someone had a copy of the DWM case book and if they could tell me the date for when 474 C1 was first entered but after reading jeanpierre’s thread, right or wrong, it doesn’t seem important any more.

Dan, I’m not 100% sure but going by the weight of the cartridge it very much seems that way.
You would have seen in vidar’s reply, “Geschossmantel 298”, which is bullet jacket 298".

Thanks Dusty,
I seen vidar’s bullet jacket comment, and assumed it was hollow also.


I have the one you have and described I have another like
that (DM 1902 K) but that one has a copper washed bullet
both are 7+57mm