Nigerian 7.62x51 box


I was surprised to see 2 different headstamps pretty evenly intermingled in the same box. Is it normal for this factory packing or someone just added stuff? Also, what is “AP” on the label?


Vlad - I see a couple of black smears on the box. Is it possible that the “AP” is actually "AF: with a smear closed the end of the two horizontal strokes of the letter “F.” I am not pointing this out as a fact, but asking a question, since on my screen, despite the good picture, it is hard to tell. The letters already have serifs, which would make the gap at the end of the horizontal lines smaller to begin with. “AP” would not make sense for “Armor Piercing” since the ammunition is shown to be “soft core” (unhardened lead core).

The “AF” headstamp is very interesting. I had not seen it before (I don’t collect this caliber, so I recognize that it might be quite common - It is simply that I have seen the contents of dozens of boxes of these Nigerian rounds, but have never seen, or at least noticed, the “AF” headstamp before. They are obviously two different bunters from the letter positions and the space between the letters, not simply a broken or altered bunter.


There are actually three different Headsatamps on Nigerian 7,62x51 ammo.

OFN Ordnance Factory Nigeria found on both Ball and Blank ammo

AFN Ammunition Factory Nigeria found on Ball (so far)

AF Ammunition Factory.

The OFN and AFN are (were?) situated at Kaduna, a town situated virtually in the centre of Nigeria, about equidistant from the coast and Lagos (Capital) and the borders of Benin, Cameroun, and other neighbouring states.

Manufacturing equipment is German, as are the Primer seal colours ( green for Ball, etc) and the Primer crimp is the normal German three stab crimp. Packaging in 20 round cartons, packed in a zinc liner, inside a very well made Pine crate (Flat style, like the German ones, but with steel “Trunk” Handles, and use the same swivel latches and hinges as used by the US on Wooden grenade crates, and other ordnance ( Mortar Bombs, 105 shells, etc) crates.)

Quality: so far all the Ammo I have tried from OFN/AFN has met Nato
Shooting requirements, although the Blanks are “Hi-Power” for use in H&K G3 and MG3 type Guns. (Use in other rifles needs a very carefully selection of BFA vent (Large) and Gas control–FN-FAL especially).

The brass cases (Berdan .217" Primed) are reloadable with Berdan primers, and last quite a few reloads, at least in Bolt action.

The Blanks are noted “7,62x65 Star” ( 65 is the total length of the Blank case).

The Simple “AF” marking is a new one to me.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


John, you are probably right about “AF” vs “AP”. Here is an enlargement.


Vald - I got off my dead butt and onto my dying feet, and went and looked in my Nigerian File.
I have pictures of the identical box to yours except lot number 11-86, and it definitely is “AF.” The Serifs on the ends of the horizontal strokes of the “F” are so extreme they actually touch each other, but it clearly an “F.”

For corroboration, I also have a picture of a box that contained the “OFN” headstamp (Ordnance Factory Nigeria) and that boxLot 10 of 1970 and also marked “Soft Core” is marked down at the lower left corner of the label “OFN,” the same initials as the headstamp just like the case with your “AF” box.

Sorry I didn’t do that straight away. I have been very busy since getting home from SLICS. I just got home from a trip out in the Cental California Valley today, and deceided I’d best do things right, instead of making suppositions based on scant evidence and memory.