Nigerian 9 mm Parabellum

Does anyone have an example or pictures of a 9 mm Parabellum box made by OFN in Nigeria? I’m aware that the cartridges are very rare, but maybe some quantity has showed up in recent years. Not long ago I saw a crate marked “CAL 9 mmx 19 1000 CARTRIDGES SOFT CORE” and “OFN LOT 23-75”.

Frede, The only specimen I know of is in Woodin Lab and is a production defect in the casemouth as I remember.Have never seen a box, although Nigerian 7.62 NATO rounds were around about 20+ years ago.

Could you post the crate! Have not seen that either. If you have any idea where the crate was pictured, it would be a place to start looking!


Here’s the one link to a photo online of the 9mm ammo from Dicon (it doesn’t help much), which is at the factory website. Wonder if they respond to email questions? – They have a contact link. I see they have had their body armor production set up by Marom Dolphin (Israel), and I wonder if IMI has set them up with any ammo production?

Lew, this is the mythical crate. It has the same construction as the one used for the 7.62x51, so the cartridge boxes were probably packed inside a sealed metal can.

Matt, thanks for sharing this link.



There was, as Lew says, some Nigerian 7.62 around 20 or so years ago. Although I must be getting old because it doesn’t seem that long ago to me.

It was appalling quality as I recall.

I would like to pay tribute to an old shooting friend of mine Ron, now gone to his maker, who coined a phrase that has stayed with me these many years.

“You have to be a very rich man to be able to afford to buy cheap ammunition” I love that, its so true