Nimrod Cartridges - 9.3x75R

Below is a page from a NIMROD GEWEHRFABRIK, THIEME & SCHLEGELMILCH catalog which I found on the Internet.

This is the only Nimrod catalog that I am aware of. There is mention of a 1914 Nimrod catalog in Russian sites and this may well be the same one.

Apart from a RWS factory drawing, this is the first catalog I have seen the 9.3x75 Nimrod cartridge shown in.

Does anyone else know of this catalog and if so are there other pages showing ammunition ?

Does “drill” stand for “drilling”?

Pictures are very similar to those published on the ALFA catalog, although they show some differences in the markings

Yes Pivi - those 11.15x65R were often used in Drillings.

The catalogs of retailers often used images from manufacturers catalogs. The Alfa catalog is a good example -just about all the ammunition images in the 1911 Alfa catalog came from RWS, DWM, GECADO etc catalogs. The Nimrod one looks to be the same. So that 9.3x75R may actually be from an early unknown (to me) catalog.

Time to check again - Does anyone know of this “NIMROD” catalog ??

I am currently at the Bavarian State Library, going through old issues of “Der Waffenschmied”, the professional journal of gunmakers and the civilian arms- and ammunition trade.
So far (1906 through 1910), advertisements by Thieme und Schlegelmich (not very frequent) do not mention “Nimrod Gewehrfabrik”. I will be on the lookout for Nimrod.

By the way, Adolf Frank of Hamburg (ALFA) was purchased by Genschow in 1910 and its name changed to Adolf Frank Export GmbH. Maybe this is common knowledge to the experts, but it was news to me.

Jochem, that sounds like an interesting activity, could be very worthwhile. I look forward to hearing what info you acquire.

Ref the name "Nimrod Gewehrfabrik” - I have seen this term on two different advertisements said to be 1894 and others from 1899, 1901, 1906, 1909 etc all the way to 1922. The DRGM for the 9.3x82R Nimrod was dated in 1898 and contains the "Nimrod Gewehrfabrik” expression but nothing in 1891 or 1892 so I assume the term “NIMROD” was adopted c1893/1894.