From a previous topic I would like to show these Nitedal shells from my collection.

Look at the green Nitedal Ekstra and the plain brown one.
These are remington cases!

PS, can anybody explain the Norma Nitedal headstamp on the left bottom corner?

the Norma Nittedal is written with two t’s while the rest is only written with one!

regards rené

Hello René,

Nittedal is the modern spelling of the municipality located in Eastern Norway.
Nitedal is an older spelling, and the ammunition factory was named after its location: Nitedals Krudtværk, or Nitedal Powder Works/Powder Factory. It was closed in 1978 when the production of Nitedal-branded cartridges was moved to Sweden (and possibly Italy, if I remember correctly).

As you see, it is made by Norma of Sweden and named Nittedal after the current name.

I know that in 1977 the cases (and also perhaps the loaded ones ?) were made in France by Manufacture Generale des Munitions (MGM) with the hstp
12 Nitedals 12 Krudtvaerk

In 1980 MGM was making the shells with hstp 12 Norma 12 Nittedal


Board is about 12 1/4" wide & said to use Remington shells, Now the orange Spesial don’t look Remington so I don’t know for sure, I’ve no doubt about the Ekstra’s being Remington. Haven’t taken it apart so headstamps ???
Backs of the Spesial are renés third from right, bottom row & the brown (right - bottom) sure looks like a Remington SureShot case to me.

Nice selection rené

Thanks for the info about the norma nitrdal headstamp!!
Another mistery solved.

Nice board Pete.
As you can see on my remington cases they carry the NITEDAL 12 headstamp ( inside a circle ).
I cannot confirm that the ones you show have the same headstamp, sorry.

Regards rené

PS when people can show other Nitedal shells, please do so.

Rene / Pete,

Nice cases, sorry I have nothing extra to add to this one just have a couple of examples and Rene has those in his pictures.


René, I can also add that the “Nitedal Spesial” trademark was registered by Norma Projektilfabrik A/S of Norway in 1968 (application filled in 1967). Regards, Fede.

The NORMA-NITTEDAL headstamp does not indicate that the cartridges were produced by Norma in Sweden. As far as I know, they have never produced shotshells.
The old shotshell factory in Nitedal/Nittedal, just outside Oslo, Norway, has been run by several owners and with several names. In 1979, Norma Projektilfabrik in Oslo purchased the factory from Dyno Industries and founded the company Norma-Nittedal as a fully owned subsidiary of Norma Projektilfabrik. The production in Nittedal continued under this name well into the 1990’s and was eventually moved to Sweden. Not to Norma, though, but to Gyttorp.