No 22 2 RML 50 Percusion Cartridge

Hi all

Hoping someone here can narrow this find down a bit

We ‘think’ it looks very much like a No22 Mortar Fuse (No22), issued for use Aug 1951 (8/51), 5.0 Second delay in initiating (5.0), dual initiate component (2 RML), made at ROF Chorley (CY), Based on the Armstrong G design (AG), probably Smoke (1N).

But we are also aware having spent a lot of time on the net , that this also doesn’t fit

Hopefully with the expertise on here you will be able to help us more

Many thanks in advance


To me it looks like a propellant primer and not like a fuze. Your question will be best answered at the UK based BOCN forum I think.