No.8 Mk.1 Electric Engine Starter Cartridge

This is a different case to the Mk.10 Starter shown back in Jan.9.2018. I read with interest the different planes that use these cartridges.The rim diameter and thickness is the same as the Mk.10 but it has a larger screw-in primer and is threaded and has no case. Is the SYD marking British or Australian? How is this cartridge used?

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Unfortunately, you’ve only got the base of the cartridge. The aluminium cylinder is missing. This cartridge differs from other British engine starters in that the case doubles as a ‘barrel’. The cartridge contained approx 720 grammes of cordite.

This cartridge was used in the Rotax starter (possibly others) on engines such as Rolls Royce Ghost (dH Venom), Armstrong Siddeley Double Mamba (Fairey Gannet) and possibly others.

Both of yours were manufactured by J.E.S. as yet unidentified. The one on the left was repaired by R.OF. Birtley (RLB) the one on the right was repaired by SYD which I believe is Sydney.


Thanks Tim G. for the great diagram. I was referring to the No.10 and not the Mk.10 cartridge. I also have a No.9 case which has a brass cap cover, not plastic. I also inerted a live Australian No.10 Mk2 made by MF. The charge was moulded with a small powder bag at the base. Now I need the aluminium cylinder to complete my base.