No Access to the Reference Center


I need some assistance as I cannot enter the Resource Center. I have attempted to use my IAA password but that doesn’t work. I have sent my email address for a forgotten password and I have received no response to reset my password.

Is there anything you can do so I have access to the Resource Center?

Thank you.

I wrote a note about that a month or so ago - I could not access any resources except a couple, nothing like previously

I have been struggling with access to the resource center for months, Repeated requests for access have all gone unanswered. Quite frustrating.
I really enjoy the forum, the journal and the people I have met through the IAA, just wish I could get to the next level of knowledge.

IAA members having trouble accessing the Resource center need to contact the webmaster as listed in every IAA Journal. SEE BELOW, from the current IAA Journal.

A word of explanation is due. The access to the RESOURCE CENTER is limited to paid IAA members, who foot the bill for making that material available, so it is a benefit of membership. The annoying long in process is necessary to ensure the person is a current member.

However, the forum is open to the public and at the top of the page is a link to the REFERENCE section which is also open to the public with a ton of great info on ammunition and cartridge collecting, but not in the detailed depth provided in the RESOURCE CENTER.

I see that the IAA is looking for members to help with the Forum, Resource Center and IAA Journal downloads. These are unpaid volunteers, and their time is often take up with real world jobs and the like, so response times can be slow. PLEASE offer to help, if you have the slightest computer skills, so service can be improved with more people to share the load.

A BIG Thank You! to the volunteers who do the work on the IAA site, and the Journal!

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The resource center is a completely different software from the forum. Anyone can sign up for the forum, but only members can have access to the resource center.

Please email with your information to get an account set up there.

Some day I would like to find a way to have everything more automated and linked together.

For the record - I am a paid in full member and still don’t have access to the Resource Center.

I think that even as a member, you have to signup for access to the Resource Center, if I gather what Aaron is saying. I don’t personally know because I never signed up to use it.

John Moss

Thanks for your comment John - you are correct. Aaron has sent me an email requesting my information although what information I am uncertain. I have responded to him and am now waiting for access or to provide more information.