No More Ammunition Tax for Tennessee

After 82 years, the ammunition tax imposed on shotgun shells and metallic cartridges was repealed.

Say goodbye to those nice cartridge boxes with tax stamps…


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Wonder what the state did with all the money collected?

tomdokulil; In the article found at fede’s link, it is explained that: "The revenue from the ammo tax stamp went directly into the Wildlife Resources Fund, which is the general bank account of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. The TWRA receives no tax support from the state; its entire operating budget is derived from license sales and some matching federal wildlife funds, plus some other sources such as fines and penalties, advertising sales and this privilege tax on ammo.

One drawback to the end of the ammo tax is a significant reduction in the money the TWRA has to spend on wildlife in Tennessee. For those that love wild animals – game and non-game – and would like to contribute something to help them, simply buy a hunting and fishing license. You don’t have to use it; the benefit has been realized."

I guess a tax is a tax, but as someone who was born in Memphis and who spent much of his life in Tennessee, including active navy duty, I really never paid that much attention to the dime tax, especially since it was supporting wildlife.

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