No name brand 6.35mm Auto ammo

It’s a nondescript brown box without any printing or label. The ammo have no headstamp. Any ideas on the manufacturer?

I collect this caliber in a serious way, but cannot positively identify that box and those rounds. My box collection is mediocre, but I can say that box construction can be (not saying it always is) a major contributor to figuring out things like this. My hunch is that they are Belgian-made, but that is nothing, and I mean nothing, more than a guess. Perhaps someone with a better collection of 6.35 mm (.25 auto) boxes can study those pictures and come up with something more definitive.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

John M.

Thank you John, I’ll watch this space,

It is identical to the SAKO box, but without a label. Unheadstamped cartridges also look like SAKO products.



Fede - just what I was aiming at. And yes, I myself have unheadstamped SAKO 6.35 mm rounds with no headstamp, absolutely verified through one thing or another as SAKO manufacture. Great call, amigo!!


Not a big specialty caliber for me, but I have an unheadstamped Soviet round that doesn’t look too different from the examples above and I have Tokarev boxes with similar construction. Some additional pics and cartridge details might help.

As I recall, the box for the Russian round (I don’t have it) is labeled. Since the box shown has been identified by Fede as identical to a known SAKO box, I would think that cinches the identity. Of course, the more photos the better on this Forum.

John M.

I can’t recall ever seeing the Russian box.

Source: internet.

Here is an example of a SAKO box using this construction:

Photo credit: Dave Kutchta.

I haven’t seen on either. I think I have only a picture of one.
It may be a 7.65 mm Browning box. That cartridge is also without
headstamp. I definitely have a picture of one or the other, and
would suspect they are both labeled about the same, as they seem
to be contemporary with each other.

  At any rate, the fact that Fede has reported the box in question

of the thread as being totally identical to a known box from SAKO
is good enough for me, especially in light of the fact that
unheadstamped SAKO 6.35 mm rounds are well known, and common in

John M.