No Reserve 2 Day Cartridge Auction is Online now! Bidding is open

We finally have the auction completely online! Yes, we know we still have some descriptions to fix, and we will be working on all those this week. It is a day event, and each day requires registration. I will be adding the terms and conditions below my post, it will be very helpful for a smooth running auction. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us by phone or email, 775-527-0775 or
On this thread, we are also open to comments, suggestions, & recommendations. Also, corrections, but please give us this week to address the majority of them first or you will be sending a thousand emails.
Thanks to all of you that have helped out so far! Terms and conditions below:
Hello to all the cartridge collectors! Please read this lot carefully as it will contain all the in’s and outs of this auction. This is a no reserve absolute auction. Due to the amount of lots we made this a 2 day auction on Saturday and Sunday both days starting at 10 am Mountain time. This is a online only timed auction. This means, we are opening the pre-bidding process now, you are able to bid the price in the box, or you can enter in your maximum bid in that box and the system will bid for you on your behalf. (this is a good option if you are not planning on watching the computer all day Saturday and Sunday, or are unavailible that weekend) It will NOT take you straight to your max bid, it will stick to the bid increment schedule.
On the day of the auction, each lot closing time is staggered by 5 seconds, (lot #1 closes at 10:00:05, Lot #2 at 10:00:10, etc.) they will start ending in numeral order. You have the opportunity to bid as the lots are closing. If someone places a bid in the last minute, it will add 1 minute of time to the closing of that lot. This gives the competing bidder the opportunity to place another bid and stops the unwanted “bid sniping”.
We are going to wait until Monday to send out invoices so we can combine both days purchases together so we only have to run payment once.
Here’s how that works: On Monday following the auction we WILL call each and every successful bidder on the phone to get your credit card payment and verify your shipping address, please expect the call! This is why: When you register you are giving your payment info to our auction software company and they are verifying that you are not a robot. Due to the new APN law, companies CAN NOT pass along your payment information, so it makes it a pain in the butt, but we don’t mind calling all of our lovely bidders and hearing any feedback you may have from the auction anyways.
Since this is a 2 day auction, you WILL need to register separately for each day. It will be the same username and password as the first one.
About shipping: We have a top Tier 1 FedEx Ground account, meaning we get great rates, but they still suck! Anyways, we will be shipping out everything in this auction VIA FedEx Ground ORMD. We will charge you ACTUAL discounted rates that are passed on to us, and all we add is a $5.00 fee to help cover the brand new boxes, bubble wrap, peanuts, labels, and our time. We will combine your order into 1 box if possible, some people will need 2 boxes, or hopefully more!
There is a Buyers Premium of 12% and that included the fee’s for using your credit card.
If you live in the State of Colorado you will pay State sales tax, unless you have a tax exempt cert.
If we have talked on the phone and we have your CC and address, your order will get shipped that week, usually the next day!.
If you are bidding from outside of the country, you will need to find an address in the USA that we can ship these cartridges to. Also, you will need to send an email with your CC info and the address to mail to, we do not call international phone numbers.
I hope we covered everything, and that you read it all and understand. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 775-527-0775 or by email at
Enjoy this AMAZING cartridge auction, this is a rare one and there wont be another chance to get a deal on Gary Hoffmann’s lifelong collection! Remember, there is only one winner for each lot, don’t let your buddies outbid you!!!

Link to auction site?

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Surprised to read that this auction list is “complete.” Lots of good
cartridges, auto pistol for example, that Gary had are not listed, unless
I missed them which is unlikely.

John Moss

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There is a few GR experimental’s cartridges page 87, but not sure it’s what you’re looking for…

Gary had a good collection of the Gabbett-Fairfax Mars cartridges.
I did not see any of those. He also had an Original .45 Ross cartridge,
perhaps the most important cartridge in all his pistol-ammo collection.
I found the replica Ross cartridge which many of us have, but not the
original. Gary had a fine collection of auto pistol case types. I remember
spending an hour looking at them in their display case, simply one cartridge per case type,
at a California Cartridge Collectors’ Association show where he won an
award for his display. At that time, there were many I was not even familiar

Also, for example, not too long before his passing, Gary got a mini-collection - perhaps
30 or 40 specimens - of .38 ACP/.38 Super from me. He had taken interest in that
cartridge for some reason. I did not see anywhere near all of them on the list.

With so many lots to go thru, it could be that I missed them. It would have
been nice if this list go have been made up by categories, simply to make
items of special interest easier to find.

There are still a very large amount of errors of various types, but then to their
credit, they have mentioned that, and that corrections are on-going.


Hi John, this is every single cartridge that we picked up, you did look at both days right?

Am I missing something? What exact days are the auction, and are you saying that each of the 2 auction lot days is one-day only?

Nevermind, I see what you are doing - the pre-bid days are now, and there are 33 days left. Why dont you just call it a 35+ day auction then? I mean its fine either way, but when you said 2-day only, it threw me.

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Hi DKConfiguration, The auction is a timed auction, The 2 day catalog is complete and online now with registration and bidding open now. The auction timer (next to every lot) is counting down until April 7th and 8th, Day one and two respectively. All the good action will be going on Saturday and Sunday, but now is a great time to comb thru all those great cartridges and add them to your watch list. It makes it way easier to follow along during the count down as the “watched lots” will all be colored Green for “winning” Red for “losing” which we don’t want… and I believe Blue for “watching” Also, during the countdown when each lot gets under 1 min left and somebody places a last second bid, it will add 1 min to the timer. Things start getting crazy with lots ending every second as time goes on! I hope this was helpful to you or anyone else attending the auction. Please feel free to send us a message anytime. See you all at SLICS!

Gotcha! It needed some marketing time and we wanted to wait until after SLICS before putting this large collection on the market all at once.

I look at all 46 pages. I don’t know about "both days."
Maybe I missed a whole day. Have never seen an auction
catalog quite like that one. Confusing to a senile old man
like myself. Sorry if I missed something. I will not be reading
it again, so if I made mistakes in my assessment, I tender my
apologies to everyone. I mean that sincerely.

John Moss


I don’t think you owe apologies to anyone here – there are several things about this auction that are more than a little bit confusing. That said, I think you only looked at half of the items – the sale is split into two separate auctions:

You don’t seem to be able to search just by putting in the lot number.

of course you can search by lot number , lots 1-2277 are in day one. 2278-4552 are in day 2. There is a search bar after you enter the auction.

Hey John, what made it so confusing? Is it because we didn’t group cartridges together by cartridge categories, or ??? advice sure helps improvement. Could it be the learning curve of a modern auction platform? Typically we are a firearm auction house and we have a 1 day auction with about 600 lots, and we live webcast with live audio and video on 3 separate platforms and you can sit at your computer and see, hear, and bid just like if you were in front of me. We use top of the line auction software, maybe if you give me a scenario I can be of help… Thanks, Paul

Paul - no worry. I was born confused. I evidently did not
notice the “two day” being separate entries. That is, if only one day
was 46 pages, then I never saw the 2nd day. Grouping by categories
helps a lot for those who are specialists. I suppose the general
collector is not impeded by random listing, although likely would not
be hurt by it. I know it is added work, and while I am not usually an auction
user, and won’t be in this instance, I know that most auctions do list by what
seems to be random. Perhaps it is as lots are received. Don’t know - never
ran an auction which probably disqualifies my comments anyway. If you haven’t
done it yourself, it is hard to know what is involved with it, and I freely admit that.

Don’t worry about me. I just had some random thoughts originally since I knew
Gary well and had seen his auto pistol case type collection, which was outstanding.

I wish you great success in the auction.

John Moss


Regarding the .38 Super grouping, there does appear to be a single lot with a few dozen different examples, could that have been the mini-collection?

I went through both auctions and my mind is kinda frazzled from the sheer volume.

You can imagine what it did to my mind! LOL. My helper isn’t very familiar with the 38 ACP / SUPER cartridges. I think he noticed a few that should go by themselves, but there is probably a bundle of them together in day one. I found in day 2 a few lots of them, and 1 lot of 6 cartridges. These are probably what John is also referring to. I found lots: 4537, 2947, 4171, 3306, 3321 and those are the ones in DAY 2.

PS: ready for anyone to bring on any corrections they see. All corrections that Mr. Larry Cameron noticed are fixed. There has to be some more in the woodwork…