No twist rifling

Would anyone care to speculate why a projectile would be fired in a rifled barrel that had no twist?

These developmental projectiles are from the BRG-15 (15x110/115mm) FN program. All have 10 grooves.


No idea specifically, but obviously some sort of developmental and/or experimental work, as you indicated. The gun wore the barrels out rapidly and the conventional projectiles were replaced with some that had rotating bands and bore-rider bodies similar to larger calibers.

Tony will know.


Re-inventing the wheel doing barrel wear tests. These folks do this for a living and they have to fill their time cards. Most folks in the top levels of any big Ordnance Company know very little about the details of ordnance design- this is especially true of the marketing people. The design engineers have to keep busy and they do.

We call it “busy work” in the US.

Straight rifling has been tested many times including in the development of the H.E.A.T. “shaped charge” projectiles for which spin is a degrading factor in the formation of the plasma jet.

Conclusion: a smooth bore is more efficient than straight rifling. Far less friction.

That is really interesting info. i have never seen straight rifling b4.