Nobel Glasgow from Canada?

Hi everybody,

I have two empty cases in my collection, see pictures, and I would like to know the story behind them.
I had never heard of a canadian factory from Nobel.
when are these made?
Where was this factory located?

Thanks for any help.


Hi René, these were not made by a Nobel’s factory in Canada but by Dominion Cartridge Co. Ltd., although the Scottish company had a Canadian branch at Winnipeg. The red shell is the same as the “Crown” for black powder and the green as the “Sovereign” for bulk smokeless. Regards, Fede.

This ad was published in 1914:

Hi Fede,

Thank you very much for this info!
This solves a small mistery ( at least for me ).

Great add.

Regards rené

It only goes to show, there’s always something more to be learned from this forum