Nomenclature for .17 HMR round

What is the proper nomenclature for this type of round? I have one in .17 HMR and .17 M2.

.17 HMR overall

Headstamp of above cartridge.



The .17 M2 and the .17 HMR are two different cartridges. The .17 M2 is a .22 LR case necked down to .17 caliber and the .17 HMR is a .22 WMR necked down. There is also a third one, .17 Agulia, which, I believe, is a Stinger case necked to .17 Caliber.

Thanks Ron. I knew the difference between the cartridge. Specifically, I meant what is this type cartridge? It’s turned aluminum and I was told it was made in a small machine shop, possibly for Ruger. Is it a dummy round, headspace gauge? I picked up a brass .17 HMR today that has a spiral groove cut around it. I was told it’s just a dummy round.

Chris - your brass dummy with the spiral was made by Proffitt’s Machining, Inc. of Greenback, Tennessee.

I doubt they would make a headspace gauge out of aluminum. That material also doesn’t make very good functioning dummies. They get chewed up too quick feeding them from a magazine. I suspect it might be a box-maker’s dummy - that is, dummies made up for box makers so they can insure a proper fit of the required number of cartridges to the required packaging. It is just a guess. However, such items do exist. I have a couple from Switzerland, and as I recall, one from France as well.

If not that, my next guess would be that it was simply made by someone to sell to collectors. They are around - I think I have one in my odds and ends drawer, and I don’t even collect the .17 rimfires (or any other rimfire, other than .22s made in the DDR).

Chris: I misunderstood what you were asking. I thought you wanted to know if the pictured round should be called a .17 HMR or a .17 M2. I mistakenly thought you thought that both terms referred to the same cartridge and you wanted to know which was the official name. Sorry for the mistake.

No worries Ron.