"Non-Energetic Tracers"


A tracer that doesn’t rely on the burning of a chemical composition to produce light.

A paper on this was presented at the recent NDIA Small Arms Symposium as something being investigated by the US military.

Glow in the dark technology applied to the base of a bullet, either painted on or glued on with a self-adhesive disk. The ignition of the propellant provides sufficient light to charge the tracer element, enough to provide the 1-3 seconds of trace necessary for the bullet’s trajectory. The trace is dim, consequently, reducing the possibility of the enemy detecting the location of the shooter. An automatic “dim tracer.” Reduces the possibility of range fires from burning tracers. Every bullet can be a tracer as a special design projectile and special compounds aren’t necessary for tracer bullets. Compound is applied to base of an ordinary “ball” bullet.

An example of a commercial source: www.glowammo.com


Here is a thread from a while back showing some pics and a video link about the Glow Ammo stickers: