Non-US NATO, and other specs


This question is prompted by another thread looking for details on the powder used in RG 7.62mm NATO cartridges. So far, there has been no response.

There is a plethora of information available in the form of TMs and other documents that detail the individual components of US made NATO ammunition. Are there similar sources of information for manufacturers in other countries?

In the same vein, the Internet is loaded with information on Naval big guns and their ammunition. But, there seems to be little on the Army equivilent. Why is that?

Inquiring minds need to know.



Although we have had a Freedom of Information Act for a few years now, the UK culture when it comes to military information is still the opposite of US practice: instead of “we’ll release it unless it might threaten security”, it’s “we’ll tell you if you need to know”.

For instance, the M855A1 is openly discussed here with a picture of a sectioned bullet posted, but about the equivalent British L2A3 - nothing, except that it’s being developed (and not many people even know that).


“Not many people know that” - Have you been talking to Michael Caine, Tony?



Same in Germany, all Bundeswehr ammo data sheets are classified. Even if some items are not in service anymore for about 40 years noone will declassify anything. The population just does not need to know about and that is it.




One thing I’ve run into is that in the US, commercial analogs to some .mil products are packaged/marketed/sold. Not so much overseas, esp. in countries where ownership of ‘military calibers’ is restricted and/or strict gun prohibitions are in place.

I’ve gotten a ton of data from MSDS sheets on certain items stateside; I wonder if there is anything similar and easily accesable overseas?