Noob Question-US 105mm

Is there a good source for various US 105mm M60/M1A1 series inert main gun tank rounds?

Seek out Mr.Randall Walti, a IAA member, he probably can help you. Or you may come to in northern New Jersey and meet him in person. Or you may e-mail me and I’ll relay your info to him next weekend.

Thank you! I can’t come up to visit him since the Harvard I live in is in IL. But I will contact.

Thanks again.

Outside of Gunbroker, Auctionarms, and the occasional Ebay bit, the sources are fairly random. You always see a few at the bigger cartridge shows, and there will be a few individuals in the IAA who are more into it than others as Vlad mentions. Hopefully some will respond to you via private message after seeing this thread.

Dear Panzermk2,
Check your forum PM for info. I talked to Randi today, he thinks he may help you. Here is a shot of Mr.Walti (right) with yours truly.