Nordenfeld 1 inch cartridges MkI


Found on a recent trip to the Armouries in Leeds but for the life of me I can’t lay hands on what the printed source was. I’ll look next time I’m there.


Got a new round that needs identification

It is from Lists of Changes in War Materials, Paragraph 3934.



I post the picture of the cartridge. The 1 inch Nordenfelt machine gun was used by the chilean navy in the end of the 19th century.



Speaking of things 1" Nordenfelt, I have seen 2 x specimens in Australia, of a sub cal device made of brass with a steel rifled insert chambered in 297/230, the major cal. is 1" Nord. I cannot remember seeing a headstamp on it although it was battered around a bit!

Has anyone got any literature on this item?

Regards Ozzi.


Hi, on the bottom of my web page you can found some drawings about

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