Norinco ammunition

I would like to know what cartridges are produced by Norinco for the civilian market,both rifle and pistol ammunition

Here you have some pictures of other boxes made by norinco.However in their website the only cartridges listed are 7,62 x 51, 9 mm Para and 9 Makarov … Section=30

The 7.62 was sold in UK for a while and we bought quite a lot because it was so cheap. I was pleasantly suprised. Not match grade by any means but acceptable surplus quality.
The steel cases were a bit hard to eject, OK for our bolt action rifles but not for a semi auto.
I only saw 7.62 I don’t think I saw any other calibre and the boxes were green if I remember.

There is also yellow-box Norinco in 7.62x25 Tokarev.

I do not have the box or the cartridge any more !

32(765 Browning)
9x19mm blank cartridge
9x19mm soft point 115GR cartridge
.38 Special Interagral,Jacket,Round head Cartridge
.380 ACP
5.56x45mm steel core cartridge
5.56x45mm blank cartridge
5.56x45mm ball cartridge
5.56x45mm soft point cartridge
M51 7.62x25mm steel core cartridge
M51 7.62x25mm ball cartridge
M53 7.62x54R Armor-Piercing Incendiary Cartridge
M53 7.62x54R ball cartridge
M64 7.62x17mm steel core cartridge
M64 7.62x17mm lead core cartridge
7.62x39mm steel core cartridge
7.62x39mm blank cartridge
7.62x39mm ball cartridge
7.62x39mm soft point cartridge
7.62x51mm blank cartridge
7.62x51mm ball cartridge
7.62x54mm ball cartridge
9x18mm ball cartridge
9x18mm hollow point cartridge
9x19mm hollow point cartridge
9x19mm lead core cartridge
7.62x39mm Armor-Piercing Incendiary Cartridge
7.62x39mm lead core cartridge

Current production according to thier website

Sorry,but what is the " 40 HP"?

How has this difference been marked or described?

“M51 7.62x25mm steel core cartridge
M51 7.62x25mm ball cartridge”

Each listing has its own entry, 40HP just seems to be Hollow Point.
No information is given on M51 variations, my assumption would be lead ball, and steel cored variations, but thats only a guess.
We have seen, and continue to see alot of Norinco ammunition and guns arriving in Canada.