"NORINCO" head stamps

Is there anybody who can provide his knowledge on cartridges which bear the full word “NORINCO” in the head stamp?
Caliber designations and images would be much appreciated.


Norinco is a marketing group in China marketing ammunition from various state factories.

What exactly are you looking for?

Cartridgecorner, thanks a lot for that image!

I am interested to see head stamps (the calibers they are on) which are using the exact wording “NORINCO”.

I have only seen this 223 headstamp with the full word “Norinco” on. Maybe others have more?

Yes, I am aware that Norinco itself is only the trade organization of Chinese military equipment.
Since actual boxes and head stamps do exist I have to run the entry in my database. In the past they were just using the original head stamps as they came off the regarding factory which just made boxes for the Norinco contracts. So there are only few (?) comparetively new products which actually have the Norinco head stamp too (CNIC was one/the priorly used own hs but I deem it to be gone now).
This makes it kinda hard to ID the real manufacturer but so far there are only few ones in China (to my knowledge) which make .223/5.56x45 (namely Chongquing Changjiang Electrical Group Co. Ltd. which is factory #71 resp. #791 - at least I assume them to be the only one).

So the question remains, any other hs with the full wording “NORINCO”? My assumption would be on 7.62x51 for now and probably 9x19.

Have never seen 'NORINCO" on 9x19mm, but Chinese ammunition isn’t imported into the US for commercial sales anymore so it is possible that it has been made.


Lew, I am confident that if one shows up in 9x19 you will be the first to have it and tell us then.

It’s not on a cartridge, but this is my favorite “NORINCO” marking:

Jon, thanks a lot. I had seen those before but the database I am working on is only about ammunition.