Norma 222

I am looking for any info on this cartridge please, thank you …paul.

Hi Paul,
I assume you are mainly referring to the yellow tip on a sporting case for which I cannot help.

I can tell you that Norma produced 222 Rem cases from 1956 but that lowercase “norma” hs was only used from c1965 and is still current. So the case comes from c1965-2020. Sorry, not much help !

WBD. Thank you its a starting point, I just have to keep digging…paul.

the tip look like orange plastic ?
in this case is a old version of their varmint loading (now with red plastic tip and same headstamp)

yes its an Orange ballistic tip, but I could not find anything on a 222 headstamp. I know there was a .222 mag headstamp but that was loaded differently…paul

The case neck looks like it may have been resized.

This could be a reload made by a shooter.